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I graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor's degree in computer science and a certificate in New Media. My interests lie in web development, software engineering, and UX/UI design.

As a younger student, I was uncertain about which career path to pursue, considering options such as teaching, architecture, bioengineering, and chemical engineering. It was during high school that I had more opportunities to explore a range of electives, ultimately sparking my interest in computer science and design. By my senior year, I knew that technology-related activities were my true passion, leading me to pursue computer systems engineering in university.

However, after taking courses related to hardware and circuits, I discovered my interest lay only in programming. As a result, I switched my major to computer science during my sophomore year. Additionally, I wanted to explore frontend development, so I decided to pursue the New Media Certificate, allowing me to become a more well-rounded programmer with skills in both computer science and new media.











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Michaela Dano

  • GA,USA
  • michaeladano.cs@gmail.com


BS in Computer Science & New Media Certificate

Spring 2020 - Fall 2023

University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Honors: Dean's List (Spring 2020, Spring 2021-Present), HOPE Scholarship

GPA: 3.62

Relevant Coursework: Software Development, Computer Systems Engineering, Systems Programming, Theory of Computing, Data Structures, User Experience Strategy, Advanced Web Development, Web Programming


Programming Languages/Frameworks: Java, JavaScript, C, C++, HTML, CSS, ReactJS

Tools/Frameworks/Software: Eclipse, MobaXTerm, Emacs, VScode, Figma, Android Studio, Blender, Unity

Databases: SQLite, Firebase, MongoDB, MySQL

Languages: English, Beginner Tagalog, Beginner Spanish

Work Experience

NMI Capstone: OTR Solutions Chatbot Developer

Aug. 2023 - Dec. 2023

Athens, GA

  • Developed a Tidio chat bot for OTR Solutions and created a basic replica of the company’s website on WordPress.
  • Performed initial user research and conducted interviews to identify prospective clients, pinpointed potential queries that the chatbot could address, and identified areas for improvement in the sales processes.

Tate Student Center Desk Associate

June 2022 - Sept. 2023

Athens, GA

  • Trained new coworkers on policies, opening and surveillance procedures, technology, and facility operations.
  • Answered phone calls and redirected clients to the appropriate person or department if necessary.
  • Facilitated services provided by department and monitored event spaces, poster-boards, and offices.
  • Greeted customers and responded to their inquiries.

Follet's Bookstore Retail Associate

Sept. 2021 - Dec. 2021

Athens, GA

  • Assisted customers in locating items and completed purchases by operating the cash register.
  • Organized products and arranged merchandise in appropriate sections.
  • Served over 50 customers when assigned to work in booths during football games.
  • Restocked shelves, packaged products for shipping, and maintained backroom and public displays.

Project Experience

Roommate Shopping App


  • Engineered an application that enables seamless sharing of a shopping list among roommates, allowing for item status updates (purchased/unpurchased) and individual item pricing, accomplished with Java, Android Studio, and Firebase.
  • Facilitated roommates with efficient financial management and simplified reimbursement processes.

3D Isometric Room


  • Developed a dynamic 3D isometric room, allowing for real-time manipulation of lighting and wall colors.
  • Crafted furniture models with Blender and leveraged C# and Unity's functionalities to design a user interface and simulate advanced shadow and lighting effects.

State Capitals Quiz App


  • Collaborated with a partner to develop a state capitals quiz application for Android devices using Java and Android Studio.
  • Leveraged CSV files and SQLite databases to manage initial state data, quiz questions, user responses, and results.
  • Employed asynchronous tasks (AsyncTask) for efficient I/O operations.

Dawg Watch


  • Collaborated with peers to design an app that allows users to search up movies and view its score, popularity, and overview. Permitted users to create a watchlist based on their interests.
  • Planned and organized the app’s themes, concepts, and page layouts using Figma. Developed the app using ReactJS, extracted movie information from TMDB API, and stored user data in MongoDB.



  • Utilized Figma to create a high-fidelity prototype of an app that allowed users to search for hotels, sites, and restaurants in Athens and save them to their itinerary.
  • Conducted preliminary usability testing with card sorting. Performed post usability testing by surveying users with product reaction cards and system usability scale. Analyzed quantitative and qualitative results and discovered possible improvements based on feedback and errors.

Guess That Song


  • Designed a game where users guess the title of songs based on track snippet and choices provided.
  • Stored songs from iTunes Search API into objects array and used HTML audio object to control the music player.



  • Implemented selection sort, merge sort, heap sort, quick sort (first element pivot), and random quick sort.
  • Sorted elements from a file and arranged random integers generated by the program in ascending order.

Doubly Sorted Linked List


  • Developed a doubly sorted linked list that utilized templates and dynamic memory allocation.

Simple Shell


  • Created a program that mimicked the basic functionalities of a shell which was implemented using low level system calls and utilizing exec and fork with C and MobaXterm.



  • Implemented a GUI application using JavaFX 11 that displays a gallery of images based on the results of a search query to the iTunes Search API while exercising knowledge of inheritance, threading, polymorphism, interfaces, JSON, maven, recursion, and threading.

Robotics System Learning Kit


  • Assembled a robot kit and utilized the online diagnostic tool to verify its functionality.
  • Programmed the robot and reconfigured its pins to complete multiple obstacles using C/C++ and Code Composure Studio.

CS Portfolio

Computer Science

Most of the projects are private on my GitHub page. Please contact me via email to request access

  • All
  • My Projects
  • CSCI 1302: Software Development
  • CSCI 1730: Systems Programming
  • CSCI 2720: Data Structures
  • CSCI 4300: Web Programming
  • CSCI 4050: Software Engineering

UGAHacks8: Find Your Paradise

My Projects


CSCI 1302


CSCI 1302

Array Utilities

CSCI 1730


CSCI 1730

Simple Shell

CSCI 1730

Sorted Linked List

CSCI 2720

Doubly Linked List

CSCI 2720

Binary Search Tree

CSCI 2720


CSCI 2720

Coffee Site

CSCI 4300

DOM Manipulation

CSCI 4300

Dawg Watch

CSCI 4300

Ebooking System

CSCI 4050

NMC Portfolio

New Media Certificate

There have been many times when I would come across an app or website that I would be impressed with but can never fully appreciate due to its design. It is frustrating that these products can't live up to their full potential due to their lack of or too complex interface. Hoping that I could be someone who fixes these issues, I chose computer science as my major. However, shortly after I declared my major, I was disappointed to find that UGA lacked courses related to front-end development. For months, I debated my career path based on the courses offered by the department. Even when I narrowed it down to two choices I wasn't satisfied with my decision until I heard about the New Media Certificate. This certificate was everything that I was looking for and gave me the chance to explore my more creative side as a programmer.

The New Media Certificate development track provides an array of opportunities for students to expand their knowledge in fields such as web development, iOS app development, graphic design, project management, and more. The program is designed to enhance students' skills and provide practical experience. It includes two courses, an internship and a capstone, that foster collaboration and allow students to apply their newly acquired skills in professional settings.

Although I deeply regret not discovering this certificate earlier, I have already completed courses in Advanced Web Development and User Experience Strategy. Advanced Web Development taught me how to create webpages, and User Experience Strategy taught me the importance of designing for the user's needs. However, there are still many other courses I would like to take before I graduate, with Native App Development being the most prominent among them. As someone who admires Apple products and their sleek user interface, I have always been keen to learn Swift programming. However, in the end, I opted for Advanced Web Development to study JavaScript, as I believed it would be more advantageous for my future studies and career. Overall, I have had a great experience with this certificate and I strongly urge students to consider pursuing this certificate because the program is constantly evolving, and the faculty are supportive and genuinely invested in their students' success.

CSCI 1302: Software Development

This computer science course was one of the most challenging one I have ever taken. Almost every week, we had to complete a quiz, multiple programming assignments, in-class exercises, and readings. The next project would be released before the previous one was due. The course was incredibly rigorous and stressful, and I felt apprehensive every time a new project was assigned.

Despite the difficulties, this course helped me become more proficient in Java programming. I learned how to implement, compile, and execute object-oriented programs in a Unix environment. Furthermore, I acquired knowledge on critical concepts such as generics, exception handling, threading, recursion, polymorphism, inheritance, data structures, documentation, interfaces, Git control, and unit testing. This class also taught me the importance of planning, starting early, and breaking down significant issues into smaller problems to identify solutions.

To see my projects for this course please navigate to the Computer Science section and CSCI 1302: Software Development tab.

NMIX 4020: Advanced Web Development

This course was the first course I took in the New Media Certificate program. Through this class, I gained knowledge on developing responsive web products. While I had some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS from high school, my professor showed me advanced applications. Additionally, I was introduced to coding in JavaScript for the first time, which was relatively easy for me to understand given my prior experience with coding in other languages. However, coding with Vue.js proved to be challenging because of its unfamiliar syntax. Despite the learning curve, I was able to create webpages with APIs, components, objects, flexboxes, and other features. The best part about the course was the opportunity to apply what we learned practically. We were encouraged to experiment and explore, and our professor was always willing to assist us with any questions or clarifications. Occasionally, we had the liberty to choose a project based on the themes provided.

Advanced Web Development served as an excellent introduction to JavaScript, and it also helped me identify my interest in front-end development. This experience has encouraged me to pursue it as a professional career, which is why I have decided to take Web Programming as a computer science elective next semester.


Basic Calculator

Guess That Song

Activity Generator

NMIX 4012E (Elective): User Experience Strategy

In this course, I gained knowledge on user interface and user experience design. The course emphasized designing for the target audience instead of personal interests and desires. I was taught the significance of conducting research on the audience to create features that improve the usability of the website or app. Moreover, the course covered creating low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes, followed by conducting usability tests, collecting feedback, and evaluating qualitative and quantitative results to enhance the interface.

My favorite aspect of the class was learning about Figma and how to use it. Figma is an excellent tool for exploring creativity and planning designs efficiently. It offers a better perspective on what is aesthetically pleasing while ensuring optimal functionality. Additionally, Figma is a great source of inspiration as it allows you to view community works.



CSCI 4300 (Elective): Web Programming

In this class I learned how to design and develop web applications with html, css, JavaScript, and ReactJS and connect it to a database. With ReactJS I was able to make the web application interactive and change structures in response to user evenets and asynchronous events. I also learned how to perform error handling conditions, DOM manipulation, and dynamically generate paged. All these lessons will help me develop the front-end and back-end of a website.

To see my projects for this course please navigate to the Computer Science section and CSCI 4300: Web Programming tab.

NMIX 4210: New Media Industries

Through my attendance in this course, I gained invaluable knowledge on how to prepare for the post-graduation phase. Additionally, the course provided networking opportunities with guest speakers who were accomplished professionals in New Media. They kindly shared their practical knowledge and offered valuable guidance on both the industry and career development. For instance, some of these speakers shared their personal stories of successfully negotiating salaries and promotions.

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