UGAHacks8: Find Your Paradise

Project information

I collaborated with three other developers on a ReactJS travel website project. Given our time constraint of only 48 hours before submission, we spent the first day ideating. Ultimately, we decided to create a website featuring a quiz where users' responses would be utilized to request and extract information from the Places API. This API would generate a list of locations that align with the user's preferences. While my three teammates focused on the frontend, designing the website with HTML, CSS, and ReactJS documents, I worked on the backend by linking the form to the API.

Unfortunately, we faced several complications with VSCode, GitHub, and the API, leading to our inability to complete the project on time. While we were successful in finishing the homepage and the quiz page, we encountered issues displaying the API's response on the website. You could only see the list of locations by inspecting and viewing the console.

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