Project information

To create a prototype for the final project, students were divided into teams of three. Our task was to design an app for the Athens Clarke-County Convention and Visitors Bureau that would help people explore Athens, Georgia. Our team selected three categories for the app: restaurants, sites, and hotels. We then developed a high-fidelity prototype called Hermes, which included an about section, menu, home page, discover page, and profile page. The app's primary purpose was to allow users to browse through the aforementioned categories and add them to their itineraries. Users could also create collections of all the locations they bookmarked and itineraries they created, which would be saved in their profiles.

Next, we conducted a usability test on four users to assess the prototype's functionality. The preliminary testing involved card sorting, which helped determine how users grouped cards together and their expectations regarding menu hierarchy. For the prototype usability test, the team created five success/failure tasks and five timed tasks. Post-testing methods included product reaction cards and a system usability scale.

Finally, we gathered quantitative and qualitative data to evaluate the prototype's effectiveness. Quantitative results were based on the most frequently used product reaction cards, task success rates, geometric mean of timed tasks, and system usability scores. Qualitative results involved identifying and analyzing three usability findings and three design recommendations to improve the app's design and functionality.

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