DOM Manipulation

Project information

  • Course: Web Programming
  • Project date: Fall 2022
  • Programming Language/Frameworks:: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Project URL: Github

For this particular assignment, I received an HTML file, a CSS file, and a JavaScript file template. The objective of the task was to develop an event listener that would trigger a callback function when a button was clicked. The top section of the HTML file contained 'am' and 'pm' buttons that would display different words when clicked. The middle section had four buttons that would change the background color of a div.

The bottom section involved taking user input from an input field and adding it to a dynamic list. To complete the task, I created variables and an event listener using query selectors and the IDs of elements. The event listener was designed to invoke a callback function that would obtain user input from the input box and create a list item node. This newly created item would then be appended to the list and displayed on the page in an unordered list format.

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