Ebooking System

Project information

  • Course: Software Engineering
  • Project date: Spring 2023
  • Programming Language/Frameworks: ReactJS, Javascript, MySQL, NodeJS, Express
  • Project URL: Github

In this class I learned about the software developmonet cycle and methodologies. In our semester-long group project, a movie e-booking system called Starlight Cinemas, we implemented a mixture of waterful and agile methodologies. This proejct consisted of developing the front-end, back-end, and database. My team and I decided to use ReactJS, NodeJS, Express, and MySQL. We began with submitting deliverables that consisted of creating user stories, use cases, domain class diagrams, and object relational mapping. During the first sprint we created the user interface. In the second sprint we implemented the some of the use cases. In sprint 3, we implemetned the rest of the use cases and included architectural design and design patterns.

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